Fat Farm

Amy Crockett was just looking forward to a relaxing getaway at an all expense paid weight-loss retreat but things were not what they seemed…

Amy groaned. Her head hurt. It was dark and kind of cold. She had been having a bizarre dream about running through a grocery store looking for low-fat foods. She tried to wake herself up and clear her mind, but she continued to feel drowsy. She went to reach for the quilt because she was cold, but her hand wouldn’t move.

Amy Crockett was just looking for a relaxing getaway at an all expense-paid weight-loss retreat. What she found was a terrifying ordeal that had her running from the law. She has no idea what has happened to her, but it seems clear that the doctor in charge of the ‘fat farm’ is doing more than teaching people about healthy lifestyles. The sheriff on the case is the only one who doesn’t think she has had a mental breakdown.

Now Amy and the sheriff must work together to find the evidence to prove that what Amy has seen is reality. What really happens at this idyllic weight-loss retreat? Are the other patients in danger? As Amy and Mike search for the answers, they find themselves developing feelings that are unexpected but not unwelcome.

Fat Farm is a thrilling adventure through the Rocky Mountains that explores the possibility that a noble cause can justify a questionable means.